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TypeWell Services Utah

Live, real-time captioning is a popular way of communication for the deaf/hard of hearing community. It is often employed in conferences, large meetings, lectures, and similar events with a large population of deaf individuals. There are several captioning options available today, thanks to modern communications technology and software development. One of the most popular options is TypeWell. At American Sign Language Communication, we have worked with TypeWell on many assignments and know it is very effective.

What are TypeWell Services Utah?

TypeWell is a transcription service where an expert translates words spoken by an individual into text in real time. This means deaf/hard of hearing individuals don’t have to deal with delays or wait to get a transcription of the content. This requires trained and experienced professionals to ensure all information is error-free and conveys the message of the speaker clearly. As TypeWell is a meaning-to-meaning system, attention to detail is important.

What is Meaning-to-Meaning?

Traditional CART transcription services translate speech word-for-word. This means the text includes all false starts, redundancies, tangents, etc. This type of content is easy to follow in speech but can be very difficult to follow when it is a large block of text. Meaning-to-meaning transcription involves recognizing what the speaker intends to say and presenting the content in a condensed, straightforward form.

This material is easier for the deaf or hard of hearing individual to understand and requires less focus. Regular speech in text form can be exhausting and frustrating. Some individuals walk away with a faulty understanding of the subject, which is why TypeWell is a much better option.

How Does This System Work?

This system is similar to CART, though TypeWell experts use a different kind of set up to carry out the service. The expert uses a laptop with pre-loaded TypeWell abbreviation software. They type in the content accurately and the software converts it into readable text for deaf or hard of hearing individuals.

The content is transmitted to different laptops, phones, tablets, or screens based on the client’s requirements. All of this happens in real-time with minimal delay and with very little error. Our TypeWell experts are carefully trained and have maintained their certifications for several years. They are less likely to make mistakes than other options available today.

On-Site or Remote TypeWell Services Utah

Thanks to communications technology, TypeWell experts don’t need to be present on site to assist people. They can listen to the speaker’s words through audio communication from the their office, transcribe, and send the content to the clients and audience via the internet. There’s no delay in the process as long as all parties involved have a good internet connection. It is important to provide clear audio input to the TypeWell experts because poor audio quality can affect the accuracy of the transcription.

Our experts also provide on-site services if needed. This is an excellent option for large organizations and government establishments who need dedicated TypeWell services Utah for a couple of days continuously and also need the expert on hand.

Who Can Use This Service?

TypeWell services Utah is very versatile and can help people from all walks of life. While deaf/hard of hearing individuals use this service most often, people with mobility issues, people who don’t understand spoken English well, and other such individuals can also benefit from it. TypeWell services are also suitable for noisy environments where the audience might not be able to hear the speaker well.

If you want to know more about TypeWell services Utah or need to hire a competent professional, get in touch with us at American Sign Language Communication. You can call us at 800-908-3386 or contact us through this form.