CART Services

CART Services

(Communication Access Real-time Translation)

CART Services are one of the tools that some deaf or hard of hearing individuals prefer to use.   At American Sign Language Communication, we connect clients to highly qualified and certified talk-to-text providers.  Our services are for deaf and hard of hearing individuals who prefer written translation such as CART Services.

What is CART Services?

CART Services (Communication Access Real-time Translation) are live-event captioning. Transcribing happens live as the speaker is speaking. Converting speech into text using a stenograph machine and software. CART Services can be provided on-site or remotely based on the client’s preference and availability.

How Does This Process Work?

This service is very flexible, versatile. Text can be displayed on the screens of every participating device. Similar to movie subtitles so the text appears at the bottom of a screen. Here’s how it works:

  • The transcriber will connect a stenograph to their computer.
  • This computer has special software that translates a stenographer’s shorthand to plain English.
  • They will enter the content in shorthand and the software will translate in real time.
  • This translation will be visible to the individuals that require it.
  • The content can be accessed remotely and on multiple devices at the same time.


Who Can Benefit from CART Services?

CART is a transcription service and it can benefit a wide range of people. Here are some situations where CART can be used effectively:

  • For Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Individuals – Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals can employ this service to get captions for lectures, presentations, videos, songs, conferences, and meetings.
  • People Who Lost Their Hearing Late – Some people are born deaf or hard of hearing while others develop them later in life. CART services  can help such individuals.
  • People Who Are English Language Learners – Some people who use English as their second language may struggle to understand casual conversion or formal speeches. They may be more comfortable with text and written content. CART services can be very useful for such individuals.
  • Loud Environments – Captioning can be a useful tool in large conferences and events, especially if these are held in noisy environments. Audiences can read and understand the content even if they can’t hear the speech.

As you can see, CART services have a number of different applications. An experienced CART service provider will ensure all the transcription is accurate and done quickly.

Where Can CART Services be Used?

CART Services can be used in most settings, for example:

  • College lectures or presentations
  • Telephone conferences
  • Meetings
  • Live streams and commercial presentations
  • Live conferences
  • Product presentations or new launches
  • You can also request a copy of the transcription. Just make sure you inform us in advance so we can make adequate preparations.

If you want to know more about CART Services or need to hire a competent professional, get in touch with us at American Sign Language Communication.

Call us at 800-908-3386 or contact us through this form.

Cart Services for Real Time Transcribing