CART Services

CART Services

(Communication Access Real-time Translation) or Cart Services

The communications field has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and tools like video conferencing (VCI or VRI) and CART Services are tools that some deaf or hard of hearing individuals prefer to use.   But, they help the hard of hearing people in so many ways.  They can also help with learning.  As some people prefer to read what is being spoken to help remember things.

At American Sign Language Communication, we connect clients to highly qualified and certified talk-to-text providers.  Our services are for deaf and hard of hearing individuals who prefer written translation such as CART Services.

What is CART Services?

CART Services (Communication Access Real-time Translation) is live-event captioning. Transcribing happens live as the speaker is speaking. Converting speech into text using a stenograph machine and software. Done in real time.  While the speech is going on.  This is also helpful for those that do not have a hearing issue but may have a hard time understanding due to noise.  Being able to read helps some people absorb what they heard better.  This can be a preferred learning style.  Having this transcribed in real time can benefit the entire room.  Give us a call we are happy to assist.

Services can be provided on-site or remotely based on the client’s preference and availability. For example, organizations can hire a CART Services expert to arrive at their location and transcribe content on-site or remotely.

How Does This Process Work?

Certified experts that have high accuracy records provide our Cart Services.  Transcribing up to 260 words per minute and have an accuracy of over 98%. Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • Our expert can come to your location or can link in remotely from another location.
  • They set up their stenographic machine along with their computer. This computer has cutting-edge software that translates stenography shorthand to accurate English with very little delay.
  • The text can be streamed to multiple devices at different locations. It can also be projected onto a screen or display.

This service is very flexible, versatile and it is useful for online conferences as well as on-site events.  Our experts can provide real-time captioning.  This also ensures the text is displayed on the screens of every participating device. Similar to movie subtitles so the text appears at the bottom of a screen.

Why Use CART Services?

In our diverse environment, companies need to be inclusive of all their customers. This includes the deaf and hard of hearing.  Using our CART Services is a great investment in achieving that goal.

Where Can CART Services be Used?

CART Services are used in these places:

  • College lectures or presentations
  • Telephone conferences
  • Meetings
  • Live streams and commercial presentations
  • Live conferences
  • Product presentations or new launches
  • You can also request a transcription copy of the speech. Just make sure you inform us in advance so we can make adequate preparations.

If you want to know more about CART Services or need to hire a competent professional, get in touch with us at American Sign Language Communication. You can call us at 800-908-3386 or contact us through this form.

Cart Services for Real Time Transcribing
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