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Crystina Scott- CEO

As the CEO of one of the largest service providers for services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Nevada and Utah, Crystina has the opportunity to lead and grow with other interpreting professionals. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and her RID certification, Crystina continued to work as the Interpreter Coordinator for the Clark County School District, the fifth largest school district in the nation. In 2006, after almost 20 years of professional interpreting, she bought an interpreting agency and began the creation of a positive and innovative team that continues to grow together.

Crystina is a member of RID/NAD, NVRID, UTRID, Golden Key Honor Society, National Collegiate Scholars Association, and an active member of her church. She stays busy consulting both businesses and interpreters as we all work together for success.

Matthew Resler- President

As the President of ASL Communication, Matthew brings over 20 years of experience as a leading business executive in the Las Vegas and Henderson markets with a focus on strategy, business concepts and growth. Throughout Matthew’s career he has had a strong emphasis in retail banking, non profits, technology, and property management. Matthew has enforced a successful hands on approach and his experience, proven strategies and an extensive network of leaders within the business community has been instrumental in his success. His leadership provides an emphasis on revenue growth and human resources management while also streamlining operations, financial structures and building solid relationships. Matthew has attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas and the Peoples Law School at UNLV. Matthew has supported the community with his involvement helping individuals with both physical and mental challenges. Matthew has served on the executive board of directors for the March of Dimes and Lili Claire Foundation and he also was an interim Executive Director for Special Olympics in Nevada.

Dawn Duran- Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer for ASL Communication, Dawn Duran is an RID NIC Advanced, SC: Legal and Utah State Professionally Certified Interpreter. She hails from Ga, but came to Utah and earned her B.S. in Language Development from Brigham Young University. There, she met Deaf friends and fell in love with the community and language! She has been interpreting since Jan. 1990 and has interpreted in almost every setting she can think of, but specializes in interpreting for legal situations as well as for victims of abuse. Dawn has served on multiple committees and boards and currently serves on the RID Professional Development Committee (PDC).

Tonda Ogden- Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for ASL Communication, Tonda Ogden has been with the company for over 10 years and has an extensive management background. As a direct manager of the core operations and strategy for the company, Tonda brings organizational and leadership skills as well as flexibility and enthusiasm to the company. Tonda was born and raised in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She has been in Nevada since 1997. Tonda is an active member of her church serving in multiple capacities and also sings as a member of Red Mountain Choir in Boulder City.

Ken Kaufman

For almost two decades, Ken has served as an executive in high-growth lower-middle market companies, some of which have been venture capital and private-equity backed. He has been involved in the sign-language interpretation industry since 2006. He earned a MBA in Finance from the University of Georgia and business degree from BYU. He is the author of Impact Your Business, a guide to business finance for founders and entrepreneurs.