Here’s what our Clients had to say

Partnering with strong vendors and service providers is paramount to our continued success…  we recognize the value of ASL Communication for helping us create an inclusive show to people with disabilities.We really appreciate the attentiveness, proactivity and support on-site and we know we are great hands!

Joyce K.

Quite simply: fantastic. By far the best sighted assistance service I have received – and that includes technology conferences that focus on serving persons with disabilities. This, by far, was the best and most stress-free conference experience I have had to date.

Doug G.

Thank you and convey my immense appreciation for this service. I was preparing myself for the prospect of being lost in a sea of people and venues, trying to locate both volunteers and exhibitors – and was totally surprised of how comfortable I felt and by how many exhibits I was able to visit.

Paul P.

I wanted to introduce you to my dear friend & interpreter, who is new to Utah and looking to work with a freelance agency. Of course, without hesitation, I suggested she get in touch with ASL Communication. In all my years of working with agencies, I have never been a part of an agency like ASL Communication, where interpreters are highly valued, respected, and celebrated. I would love for her to be able to also work with such a fine group of people!!

Katie M.

Your expertise allows our event to continue to be inclusive of those with disabilities, and I commend you for being able to jump right into [it] this year and take over seamlessly without much background information. We received very positive feedback regarding your attentiveness scheduling services, as well as the professional nature of your team of interpreters on-site.

Kristen S.

I would like to thank you so much for everything! This is the quickest and easiest booking!

Tawny S.