Here’s what our Clients had to say

Quite simply: fantastic. By far the best sighted assistance service I have received – and that includes technology conferences that focus on serving persons with disabilities.
This, by far, was the best and most stress-free conference experience I have had to date.

Thank you and convey my immense appreciation for this service. I was preparing myself for the prospect of being lost in a sea of people and venues, trying to locate both volunteers and exhibitors – and was totally surprised of how comfortable I felt and by how many exhibits I was able to visit.

I wanted to introduce you to my dear friend & interpreter, who is new to Utah and looking to work with a freelance agency. Of course, without hesitation, I suggested she get in touch with ASL Communication. In all my years of working with agencies, I have never been a part of an agency like ASL Communication, where interpreters are highly valued, respected, and celebrated. I would love for her to be able to also work with such a fine group of people!!