American Sign Language Communication, LLC Expands Nationally with Sign Language Services

Henderson, NV, January 26, 2018 -American Sign Language Communication, LLC (“ASL Communication”) has expanded it’s service area nationally across the US. With its corporate office located in Henderson, Nevada and it’s success in the Utah area, ASL Communication has branched out to provide services across the country. ASL Communication understands the critical needs of the Deaf community and provides support to all areas of Sign Language Communication. They are widely recognized for having well-trained and certified interpreters and for always providing professional and highly satisfactory service. They have a wide knowledge base and proven experience in providing sign language interpreting and consulting services for conferences, job interviews, training, doctor’s appointments, legal settings, education and much more. American Sign Language Communication, LLC has a unique approach and the ASL Communication Service Model eliminates the guesswork to deliver top quality services to the Deaf community and simplicity across the United States. ASL Communication provides professional, qualified interpreters which reduces your liability and makes ADA compliance easy.

Dawn Duran of ASL Communication Named to Head State Task Force

SALT LAKE CITY, March 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today the Utah Task Force of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing announced that Dawn Duran, SC:L and NIC Advanced interpreter will lead the initiative with the guidance of the Utah Association of the Deaf.

“We are thrilled with the appointment and confident that Ms. Duran is the best choice for the role,” said ASL Communication CEO, Crystina Scott. “She brings incredible experience, compassion, and energy to the challenges and opportunities in the Deaf community and will be a leader in every way, on behalf of the Deaf and hard of hearing.”

The Utah Task Force is designed to ensure that all state and local regulations are being upheld and further, that the Deaf and hard of hearing community are being served. As state services in Utah for the Deaf continue to increase, the need for community members that work on behalf of that community to oversee and measure efforts, grows with it.

“I am grateful to serve and support the rights and values of so many outstanding members of the hearing and Deaf community,” said Duran in a statement. “It is imperative that we continue to actively engage with the Deaf community and support their efforts to ensure their rights, dignity, and identity continue to be protected and recognized.”

Ms. Duran will continue with her position as Vice President for ASL Communication while she conducts her role on the task force.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, American Sign Language Communication is a privately held, full-service interpreting and consulting company founded in 2006. The firm provides American Sign Language interpreting services, conference interpreting, CART services and videoconference interpreting for the deaf. The company is also the creator of S-Check, an interpreter scheduling software unique to the needs of the sign language interpreting community.