Deaf and hard of hearing people have their preferences when it comes to communication. Some find it easier to communicate through American Sign Language (ASL). Latent deaf or hard of hearing individuals are often more comfortable with captioning or transcription. In such circumstances, our TypeWell Services can be of great use.

What is TypeWell?

TypeWell is a system of transcribing talk-to-text in real-time using specialized software. A trained transcriber will enter text in an abbreviated form into the software, which will display the text in plain English to different individuals.

All our TypeWell transcribers are well-trained and reliable with high accuracy levels. They undergo thorough training and have ample experience in this field. If you’re looking for a trustworthy professional, we can help you connect with them.  Our transcribers will come to you either physically or remotely, making it as simple as possible for everyone.  The text can be read on a screen in a conference room or via remote access with any device.

How is it different from CART Services?

TypeWell is different from CART Services because the transcription isn’t verbatim. Experts don’t transcribe word for word reducing the need to sift through dense text. TypeWell is meaning-to-meaning, which is quicker and easier to comprehend.

This means deaf and hard of hearing individuals can attend lectures, long conferences, and speeches without becoming overly exhausted visually. There’s no redundant speech, false starts, pauses, or other meaningless text so individuals have fewer words to read.

Who Needs TypeWell Services?

TypeWell Services are versatile so they can be used by many people. This technique is most beneficial to latent deaf and hard of hearing individualsAside from this, talk-to-text can be beneficial for:

  • Individuals with limited mobility who can’t take notes during lectures and need a good transcription.
  • Medical practitioners with patients who are deaf or hard of hearing and prefer English transcription.
  • Individuals needing accommodations such as note taking and additional resources for retaining information.

Remote TypeWell Services

Our TypeWell expert doesn’t need to be present at your location. They can work remotely if you give them access to clear audio of the lecture, conference, or event. This system is compatible with many platforms.  Everyone would only need a laptop or device with a working browser to gain access to the transcribed text.  Making this super easy for everyone involved.

If you want to know more about TypeWell Services or need to hire a competent professional, get in touch with us at American Sign Language Communication. You can call us at 800-908-3386 or contact us through this form.

Typwell for text to English Transcribing