Video Platform Interpreting VPI

Transcribing Video Conferencing
Video Conference Transcription for Calls

What is Video Platform Interpreting (VPI)?

This is a way for our professional interpreters to provide services during your video platform meetings. For example, if you’re holding a company meeting using a video software, our interpreters will log into the meeting and interpret all conversations for you live. During this process, the video conferencing screen shows all participants in the conversation along with the interpreter. The interpreter actively interprets all communication during the meeting in real time. 

What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

VRI is similar to video platform interpreting.  However, VRI is used when all the participants are meeting face to face and need to access an interpreter online. For example, if a deaf or hard of hearing individual comes into your place of business with questions, you can login online and a remote interpreter will provide interpretation of their questions and your answers. ASL Communication will provide the online link to access the interpreter.  You only need a computer or laptop with a microphone and webcam.


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