Working with individuals who use sign language as their primary mode of communication or any number of diversified disabilities is a new experience for many, and having the needed interpreting skills for individuals in a classroom setting, in a courtroom, at a medical facility or in a business environment can be difficult to manage.

At American Sign Language Communication, we take the time to fully understand our clients’ needs so proactive action can happen. This immersion helps us provide superior customer service and compliance through our professional team of sign language interpreters.

As a benefit of working with ASL Communication, we have organized some helpful resources that will enable your organization to consider appropriate policy, procedures and compliance with the ADA Law.

Most of what you need to know about the ADA and how it affects your organization can be found online. However, wading through cyberspace and maneuvering through the subtleties of Deaf culture may lead you to inapplicable information. That is why ASL Communication is providing a highlighted list of links and resources to enhance your organization’s sensitivity and education of the ADA’s intentions. If you find you need even more information, feel free to contact us and we will consult with you on your accessibility issues.

  • ADA Homepage – a comprehensive website for the Americans with Disabilities Act addressing all accessibilities issues and disability groups. Highlights listed below.
    • ADA Information Line: 800-514-0301
    • ADA Business Connection: Addresses the ADA requirements and its effect on businesses.
  • National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – oldest and largest organization representing 28 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.


ASL Communication also recognizes that one of the most important points of contact in the interpreting process is you, the interpreter. As a result, we offer creative services and programs as a benefit to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our interpreters. To explore opportunities in your region or elsewhere, create your account today.

Interpreter’s Workplace ASL Communication has invested a great deal in developing a comfortable environment with useful tools to help you succeed. We truly believe in our mission statement where we emphasize positive long-term relationships. Take your time and learn more about the new American Sign Language Communication.


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