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At American Sign Language Communication, we take the time to fully understand our clients’ needs so proactive action can happen. This helps us provide superior customer service and compliance through our professional team of sign language interpreters. Understanding our ASL Communication customers, helps us understand the market demand as well. Let us bridge the gap and help you speak more freely.

We work with people who use sign language as their primary mode of communication or any number of diversified disabilities is a new experience for many. There are many reasons to need ASL services and all of them are okay by us. We come to you and work on your level, having the needed interpreting skills for individuals in a classroom setting, in a courtroom, at a medical facility or in a business environment can be difficult to manage. That’s why we are here, we can come to you wherever you are and help with interpretation. Let us work with you and your clients. We are happy to get through the barrier and help. Working with clients in this industry for a long. We know what to do and our interpreters are the best.

Benefits of ASL

As a benefit of working with ASL Communication, you have access to our knowledgeable staff. We are dedicated to our service and customers. By organizing some helpful resources for ADA Law Compliant, we can help assist you. This enables your organization to consider appropriate policy and procedures. And, helps with compliance for the ADA Law. We understand that laws can be complex and complicated to understand. We are here for you to ask questions and hopefully help in figuring it out with you. This is what we work in so don’t be shy, ask us. We are happy to help you understand anything about our service.

ADA Laws and Understanding

Most of what you need to know about the ADA and how it affects your organization can be found online. However, wading through cyberspace and maneuvering through the subtleties of Deaf culture may lead you to inapplicable information. That’s where we can help. We understand this knowledge and can break it down for you. We offer a highlighted of links and resources to enhance your organization’s sensitivity and education of the ADA’s intentions. If you find you need even more information, feel free to contact us and we will consult with you about your accessibility issues. Here are some key points:

  • ADA Homepage – a comprehensive website for the Americans with Disabilities Act addressing all accessibilities issues and disability groups. Highlights listed below.
    • ADA Information Line: 800-514-0301
    • ADA Business Connection: Addresses the ADA requirements and its effect on businesses.
  • National Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing – the oldest and largest organization representing 28 million deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Does all of this have you confused? Let us help. We work with the ADA all the time. This is something we have to understand for our company. We are happy to explain things in depth if we have the answer. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Offering ASL to your clients and customers is awesome. We love to hear companies reaching out to this group of people. We are dedicated to making everyone’s life better. Understanding and communication is vital to any organization. Let us work with you to get your point across to those that need it. Ask us how.

Deaf and Sign Language

Again, we not only offer interpretation services for ASL Communication but we offer assistance in understanding the ADA laws where needed. We like to ensure your clients understand anything they may have questions regarding. The deaf culture has it’s own in’s and out’s and we know and understand this. Which is why our services allow for our clients and their patients or customers to fell at ease as well. We only seek the very best interpreters. And, we understand that sensitivity to the deaf culture and their needs. Let us help everyone. By offering easy and sound communication between all. Give us a call.

Sign Language is just one service that we offer. We also offer CART Services, which is text typed out live at the event. We offer many types of typing services to suit your businesses needs. If you need a closed caption on any sort of media, including real-time, we can work with you. This service is great for live business events or large gatherings. This way the people in the audience can see this much better than that of a sign language person. However, we have also used sign language and had it aired on another screen. Depending on what you feel comfortable in doing. Not sure? Ask! We have experience in all kinds of areas and will be happy to assist. We will ask you some basic questions. There aren’t any right or wrong answers. But, this will help us help you.


ASL Communication also recognizes that one of the most important points of contact in the interpreting process is you, the interpreter. As a result, we offer creative services and programs as a benefit to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our interpreters. To explore opportunities in your region or elsewhere, create your account today. Call us today.

Our interpreters want to make you the business own comfortable with your choice. We also want to make your clients feel comfortable sharing. We work with only the best interpreter’s that carry a sense of sensitivity to various situations. Some of our clients need a simple business speech interpreted. However, when patients are in a hospital setting, a bit of caring goes a long way. So, offering a service that will allow everyone to fully understand what is actually happening can bring a sense of relief. We have interpreter’s that can do all the above with professionalism and grace.

Give us a call. We are happy to work with you where you are at now. Not exactly sure on what you need, we can help. We offer a great service for all hearing impaired. We can also type things on the spot, which helps with not taking and fully understanding the information.

Looking to Improve your Services?

Many businesses have customers, clients, and patients that all speak different languages and translation is critical. Listening and understanding what the problem is, helps to find the solution. However, if you can’t understand or speak to one another a barrier is formed. Let’s break down the barrier. Open the line of talking and understanding. We know and understand the deaf culture. And, it is a culture of it’s own. Let us work for you to bridge that gap. Whether it is a hospital patient that needs the procedure explained or a business meeting with simple instructions? They all deserve help. This is why we are here. Let us help you too.
Interpreter’s Workplace ASL Communication has invested a great deal in developing a comfortable environment. We offer useful tools to help you succeed. We truly believe in our mission statement. This is where we emphasize positive long-term relationships. Take your time and learn more about the new American Sign Language Communication. Contact us today.

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