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Communication technology has advanced considerably over the years.  This allows people to converse with individuals at the other side of the world and this is all done without delays or interruptions. Unfortunately, most of this communication is verbal.  This is not accessible for deaf or hard of hearing individuals. At American Sign Language Communication, we recommend our video conferencing interpretation services for these tasks.

Everyone deserves to have a good understanding.  This includes the hard of hearing group.  Communication is so vital in this world.  Letting everyone have the best chance to understand your message is important.  Listening is something many take for granted.  We think that everyone can hear.  But, alas, that is not true.  There are many reasons for the hard of hearing.  However, we need to just focus on making your conference inviting to all that want to attend.  This is where we come in.  We work with you to get your point across on another level.  With a trained professional we can make talk-to-text simple and painless. And, we can do this remotely.

What is Video Conference Interpreting (VCI)?

This is a way for our professional interpreters to provide services during your conference call. For example,  you’re holding a meeting with people on a conferencing software and using our services. Our experts will log into the meeting and interpret all conversations for you live.

During this process, the video conferencing screen shows all participants in the conversation along with the interpreter. The interpreter actively interprets all communication during the call in real time. Modern video images are very clear and our interpreters have access to quality audiovisual equipment to ensure an accurate interpretation.

Contact us and let us help you get your point across.  This service is amazing on so many levels.   Everyone communicates and listens differently.  Not only the hard of hearing can benefit from a service like this, but also people that need to go back and take notes.

This service requires a computer, microphone, web camera, and conferencing software. The experts will assist you in determining what is needed.  Allowing us to ensure the communication runs smoothly. Good quality equipment will help deliver better results.

What is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)?

VRI is a contracted service used by companies, professionals, and organizations.  It is to help establish better communication with their deaf and hard of hearing customers on-site. It provides companies with an option to access an interpreter via video for face-to-face communication with customers.

This service can be used in many different circumstances.  This bridges the gap in communication.  This allows people from the deaf and hard of hearing community to access a wide-range of services, and all without hindrance.

If you want to know more about video conferencing interpreting (VCI) give us a call.  Or if you need to hire a competent professional interpreter, get in touch with us at American Sign Language Communication. You can call us at 800-908-3386 or contact us through this form.